Some love the look of icicles hanging off gutters in the winter time. However, don’t be fooled. The icicles you think are pretty are referred to as ice dams and they’re bad news! Ice dams form when snow melts just to freeze again and again. Eventually working its way up under your shingles causing damage to your roof and eventually causing leaks! Ice dams will cut the life of your roof in half if not properly prevented! It is cheaper to prevent ice dams and, to remove them rather than to replace your roof early. If you’ve had this problem in past years, or if you are just seeing ice build up on your roof for the first time, please give us a call. We can safely remove the ice and prevent it from accumulating for the rest of the winter. We use a commercial grade steamer to safely loosen the ice from your roof…. NO hammers, NO chemicals, and NO chainsaws!!!

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