Ever notice those “black streaks” that look like they’re running down your roof? 

They’re not pretty and lets be honest, your property’s curb appeal goes way down because of them. We refer to these streaks as Roof Stains. These black streaks are actually algae called Gloeocapsa Magma. 

This particular algae is feeding off of the limestone filler, that’s used to add weight to asphalt shingles. Unfortunately for homeowners, this type of algae also thrives in humid weather…such as our warm summer months. You may notice that you only have roof stains in certain areas of your roof, most likely the north side of your home, as well as shaded areas. This is simply because these areas get the least amount of sunlight. Less sunlight means more moisture in certain spots, creating the perfect environment for this algae to grow. Rain eventually will spread the algae down the roof, creating these black steaks to only get worse. Before you decide to replace your roof over some stains, give us a call! We can safely clean the roof with our low pressure roof cleaning process for a fraction of the price for a new one!

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