Pressure washing is effective for durable surfaces, like concrete and brick. We all know how light concrete is and it needs help maintaining its bright appearance. Nobody wants dull, or dirty concrete. Oil, grease and other stains are hard to get out with just high pressure. That’s why aside from pressure, we have hot water to assist in getting the toughest stains out! The combination of pressure and heat allows us to open up the pores of the surface to reach the dirt trapped below the surface. However before we pressure wash anything, we always take the age and condition of the surface into consideration. If you don’t make sure the surface can handle pressure, you can find yourself looking at some costly fixes. We want to make sure we aren’t damaging joints, causing cracks, or ruining any finishes. We are a professional company that only uses high grade equipment and products to ensure our clients they’re getting the highest and most thorough clean possible.

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